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When A Storm Hits Your Life, You …

On Friday, June 29, a derecho traveled across mid-states all the way to the East coast, where my friends, family and I live. A derecho is a violent and serious storm that covers a wide area (several states at one time) and moves very fast. Winds were between 80-90 mph. Most of us had no warning — that’s how fast the storm moved. My daughter and other friends, some who generally like storms, reported that it was the most terrifying storm they had ever experienced. By the time it crossed the Chesapeake Bay the storm still had high winds, rain, and so much thunder and lightning that it lighted the skies as if daylight.

The destruction was evident the next day: uprooted trees, some landing across roads, cars or homes. It made me wonder how the horses fared, and especially my own unique pony, Sweetheart, the healing Chincoteague pony.

Remarkably, the horses did well. Some were even out in the fields when the storm hit. They turned their rumps to the storm. Lightning bugs did not flash their tail lights on and off as they usually do at night. Their “lights” stayed on continuously during the storm.

Storms and trials are great equalizers. No matter our jobs, our income level or our age, storms disrupt our lives as we know it. What do you do when a derecho hits your life?

What can the animal world teach us? 1) The horses accepted that storms not only come but end. With acceptance there wasn’t fear. 2) The horses kept the wind at their backs. If we keep the winds of our personal storms behind us, the experience will propel us forward. 3) When the storm was the fiercest in the middle of the night, the lightning bugs didn’t flash their lights but kept them on continuously which can serve as a message that in our darkest, scariest hours, there is a divine guidance lighting our way, exactly when we need it.

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