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Time Management – What Horses Can Teach Us

Every barn has a magical evening time.  I love observing and being a part of this enchanting time of day.  The equestrian center where my pony Sweetheart boards, is run on a schedule.  The schedule is regular but flexible to individual needs and the tempestuous weather. Both the horses and their owners appreciate the exceptional care this provides for our equines.

At this time of day, the horses that were let out to graze in the pasture, come in.  The night horses are turned out. You don’t need a clock.  The horses will tell you what time of day it is.

They know their feeding and fresh water replacement time is coming.  They all stick their heads out of their stall openings and watch the horses, coming in after them walk by and watching the staff work their way down the stalls with water, grain and leafs of hay.  It is a delight to watch rows of horse heads poking out into the barn aisle.

Forget trying to train or groom your pony at this time.  He knows it is time to eat and is intent on only filling his belly. He refuses to be distracted from his focus.

How can we, as people with two legs and no tail, apply the lesson these horses teach us?

There is something to be said to having a systematic approach to our lives.  Doing tasks, even eating, at the same time, each day, not only makes our bodies function healthier, but we accomplish more of what we desire due to our focus on one thing at a time.

A busy person myself, I refer to this technique as sequential focus: doing many tasks in one day, but only doing one undertaking at a certain assigned period for a finite length of time.

Why don’t you give it a horse’s try and share how your day went?

2 comments to Time Management – What Horses Can Teach Us

  • Perfect timing (no pun intended), the past couple of week have been a tug of war with time. I started to follow a schedule this week and I have experienced much less of the push pull, and have gotten a lot more done.

    • admin

      Hi Cathy: I enjoyed your pun! 🙂 Glad the schedule is working. Sometimes I think we women try to do too much in a day too.
      Thanks for commenting!

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