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Shaman's Healing Enthusiasm

This is my beagle Shaman, which means “healer.”  I met him by accident (or coincidence) during a 7-month recovery from tibial tendon surgery.  I found him at the county animal control with a cast on his leg, which I was informed was due to a torn tendon.  A hunter had abandoned him in the woods.  Two of us with torn tendons — I knew the pain he was in and immediately adopted him.  Shaman was so scrawny that I could see his ribs and he weighed only 12 pounds.

I affectionately call Shaman, my psychic dog.  He seems to sense my moods.  He always seems to sense when I need an extra dose of love.  He will come and sit with me and snuggle.

Shaman greets every morning, with unlimited energy.  He is a very happy and enthusiastic about everything he does.  He bounces up and down eagerly whether going outside, being offered his meal, or going for a walk.  He loves to chase the bunnies and will dart about the yard each morning, sniffing the trail of the wild hares (who live under our shed) hopped during the night.  Sometimes he is so intent on sniffing their trail; he will dart right beside them as they watch him.

One year, a mother rabbit chose a newly planted bush to give birth to her brood.  I had to keep my eye on Shaman and put a fence around the bush to protect the mother’s nest.  One day, Shaman found a baby bunny who wandered away from the nest.  He gently lifted it in his mouth, not to harm it, but he carried it a short distance, set it gently down in the grass and then nudged it with his nose as if to say, “Go on now, hop!”

Every morning, Shaman greets me and each morning (and afternoon and evening) with such unlimited animation, that I pray a prayer of gratitude that I witness such enthusiasm for each day.  I pray that I could learn to greet each day, so full of blessings, as Shaman does.

Shaman reminds me of how we humans could feel each day.  The very fact that we can take a breath when we awaken signals a new day.  And no matter what we face, we have more options before us than a dog.  We can think, plan, be, and pursue whatever we desire.  So as Shaman hops and skips and dances around me every day, it reminds me to appreciate all that I have and strive to greet each moment with boundless energy and acceptance.

What are you enthusiastic about?  Is there an animal in your life who reminds you of the treasures each day holds?

In harmony,

Peggy Jaegly



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