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Look Ahead to Get Ahead

After the Hail Storm.05.08.13My pony Sweetheart recently turned three. Even though I’ve been training him since he came into my life, turning three means it’s time to get more serious about training him.

The truth is, my pony knows how to be a pony. He has 55 million years of genetic, intuitive knowledge from his ancestors about how to be a pony. I don’t kid myself — it’s me who needs the training to learn about how to be around a horse.

This blog is about the lessons Sweetheart, other animals, and nature teach about life. Do you want to move ahead in your business? Do you want to take yourself to the next level in your personal life? What is your burning desire to achieve next?

A horse will only follow a leader. Falter, and the horse will act up and push boundaries to establish himself as the leader. When I first started training Sweetheart, leading him from the stall to his field, I’d keep looking back at him. I thought I was just admiring him and making sure he was okay. Outside the barn, I’d look at the ground for possible hazards. But to the pony, I appeared tentative, unsure because I wasn’t looking where we were going. Body language and confidence convey to the horse whether you are a leader or not. Horses only follow leaders.

So to successfully transfer Sweetheart wherever I wanted him to go, I had to be clear from the start what I expected of him. I had to stand straighter, taller and convey confidence. It was key for me not to look back at him, which the pony interpreted as uncertainty, but to look only ahead to where I wanted both of us to go. When he’d test me, I had to be firm and clear with what I would and would not accept in his behavior.

Want to get ahead with your next goal? Adapt Sweetheart’s horse sense. Don’t look down, don’t look back, but look ahead. Hold your head high and focus on your next goal. Go for it. Whether working on your goal for 15 minutes or an entire day, have a singular focus on your goal each time you work on the next mini-goal. Be your own leader.

What is your next goal? Share it below in the comment section.

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