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If Your Pets Could Talk, What Would They Say?

Veterinarians hold a special place in my heart.  Over the years, all of the animal doctors I’ve visited have been able to figure out why various cats, dogs and ponies were saying without words.

If we humans could become skilled in the same art, think of how our communications could improve with others.  Listening more than talking and discerning with our hearts what meaning lies between another’s words is one of our “veterinarian arts” available to all of us.

Tomorrow morning, Sweetheart is receiving his Springtime vaccines.

The very first time he received his vaccines as a colt, he became seriously ill with fever.  Though his next two times went better, he required a medicine to prevent an allergic reaction to one of the stronger vaccines.  Vaccines, of course, are to protect him from serious illnesses.

When the pony is ill, it brings back the concerns I had as a mother to my own children when they were little.  The pony can’t tell me what’s wrong.  His behavior (usually sticking his head into the far corner of his stall and doing his best to ignore everyone) communicates that he isn’t feeling his usual happy self.

Tomorrow is his first set of vaccines in his new Maryland equestrian center home.  It is his first visit with a vet, who I hear is wonderful and caring.  I’ll arrive early, groom Sweetheart because he enjoys being brushed and I’ll play soothing songs on my harp which he has loved since he was only 3 months old.  Pray that he’ll fare better this time.  I’ll post later to let you know.

In the meantime, have you listened to your pet, your family, and your friends today?  What are they saying?  What are they trying to tell you by what they aren’t saying?

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