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Dogs Are Spiritual Beings

Welcome to Sweetheart’s and my new blog site. A great big thank you goes to my awesome, creative virtual assistant, Maria, who single-handedly designed what you find here! The new look coincides with the refined purpose of this blog, which is to draw spiritual lessons from nature and the animal world which we can use to enhance our personal lives and business relationships to maximize our happiness, contentment and peace.

Here we will discuss the spiritual lessons that are all around us at all times. Today, I want to share about my belief that dogs are highly spiritually developed beings, more specifically, my beagles. Anyone who is familiar with animals will know what I am talking about. For those, who due to circumstances are not around animals, join us in this safe place where the lessons they teach us can be illuminated and brought to life for you.

Dogs are very spiritually developed. They express unconditional love. They hold no grudges. They immediately forgive and forget our mistakes. They don’t judge us by how we look or feel about things; they just accept us right where we are and as we are. They are excited about the simple things in life: a walk, playing outdoors, the smells that surround them, enjoying their food, and hanging out with us humans. They have no problem taking the time to just enjoy being, whether that is taking a nap or observing what is around them.

If you want to get in touch with your soul, to really know and understand your divine purpose. Take the time to sojourn in nature or with animals. Slow down. Breathe. Ask yourself what is really important: what you are chasing, or do you already have it?

We have more responsibilities than animals. After all, our pets and the farm animals in our lives depend and trust us to take care of them. But ask yourself, as you observe these four-legged creatures; is there something of their approach to life that you can incorporate into your life to make it better? Can you observe a quality in them and hold on to it and practice it each day until it becomes second nature for you?

Let me know what quality you selected from the animal world and how you applied it to your own life.

In harmony,

Peggy Jaegly

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