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Do You Have To Work Hard To Feel Valuable?

Clipart Working HardToday a coaching buddy of mine and I were discussing doing things that excite our passion. Then our dialogue morphed into how due to their upbringing many people, like me, feel like we have to work hard, be working hard and working long to create something of value. Personally, I don’t want to feel that way. Playing at something fun and making money doing it sounds, well, more fun…and easier! Whichever mindset we hold influences how we approach our tasks.

One of the many things I admire about animals, is that they do everything easy. They just are themselves. Instinctively, they know what to do and when. Horses don’t lie. Neither do dogs, cats, birds, nor any other animal I can think of. They fully live themselves and fill themselves with pleasure at every opportunity. I’m almost jealous.

So can we create value and have it be easy? Can we do something in a short period of time and find it’s exceptional because it’s aligned with our own brand of personal brilliance?

I’m willing to challenge my mindset of working hard. It’s time for a change and try on the mindset of finding work that seems like play. Could it be that I can create something of value for the world even though it’s easy for me?

Please share your thoughts. What do you spend a lot of time doing that is hard? What is easy for you? Which one brings you the most income? Which one brings you the most satisfaction?

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