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When A Storm Hits Your Life, You …

On Friday, June 29, a derecho traveled across mid-states all the way to the East coast, where my friends, family and I live. A derecho is a violent and serious storm that covers a wide area (several states at one time) and moves very fast. Winds were between 80-90 mph. Most of us had no

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The Big Move


Sweetheart’s moving! When Sweetheart was won at the Chincoteague Volunteer Fire Department’s Pony Auction, he had to be transported a few miles in an approved horse trailer. He went to his first farm with another foal. They even shared a stall for a few days. Sweetheart was calm and the other pony was very nervous.

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Vaccines for you and me!

Every Fall, just like kids getting ready to go back to school, ponies and horses have to have their vaccines.

Sweetheart had his booster shots the end of September. While he behaved well for the nice veterinarian, he acted upset. When I came to visit him that day, he’d face the back corner of the

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