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Do You Have To Work Hard To Feel Valuable?

Today a coaching buddy of mine and I were discussing doing things that excite our passion. Then our dialogue morphed into how due to their upbringing many people, like me, feel like we have to work hard, be working hard and working long to create something of value. Personally, I don’t want to feel that

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The First Thing To Do When You Are Stressed – A Horse’s Wisdom

Sweetheart Yawning & Breathing Video (Takes a few seconds to load.) We can learn so much from horses. Horses teach us a very important tool when faced with anxiety.

As you know, my pony, Sweetheart started formal training a couple of months ago (really, it’s me being trained). I’ve learned to look ahead to where

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Stand Tall

How do you lead yourself when you are trailblazing on an uncharted path? You want to build your own business or you want to achieve something new in your personal life but you’re not quite certain how to do it.

This is a good time to seek information and advice, whether it is from

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Look Ahead to Get Ahead

My pony Sweetheart recently turned three. Even though I’ve been training him since he came into my life, turning three means it’s time to get more serious about training him.

The truth is, my pony knows how to be a pony. He has 55 million years of genetic, intuitive knowledge from his ancestors about how

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Dogs Are Spiritual Beings

Welcome to Sweetheart’s and my new blog site. A great big thank you goes to my awesome, creative virtual assistant, Maria, who single-handedly designed what you find here! The new look coincides with the refined purpose of this blog, which is to draw spiritual lessons from nature and the animal world which we can use

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Time Management – What Horses Can Teach Us

Every barn has a magical evening time. I love observing and being a part of this enchanting time of day. The equestrian center where my pony Sweetheart boards, is run on a schedule. The schedule is regular but flexible to individual needs and the tempestuous weather. Both the horses and their owners appreciate the exceptional

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