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Are You Open to the Unexpected?

One week, three different people knocked on my door, concerned that my beagle (Shaman) was loose. Since Shaman was with me, every single person told me that there was a beagle running around the neighborhood that “looked exactly like my dog.”  The beagle on the loose had escaped each one’s attempts to catch him and return him to me. Since Shaman had been abandoned, I replied that perhaps he had a sibling who was also abandoned at the same time as Shaman.

Thinking Shaman may have a brother, I posted a notice online to my neighborhood’s private group that if anyone could catch this roaming beagle, to call me.  A few days later, the vagabond beagle wandered into someone’s enclosed backyard.  An alert neighbor closed the gate and called me.

I came to see the beagle and brought Shaman with me.  The two looked nothing alike, but the beagle on the loose, actually cried for joy when he saw Shaman and followed him incessantly around the yard. The neighbors hadn’t been able to entice the beagle they dubbed “Northbrook” (the name of our housing development) inside the house until I left with Shaman and Northbrook ran into the house searching for him.

I returned later with a dog crate and followed the county rules, taking Northbrook to animal control to ascertain if he had an owner.  After 8 days, no one claimed him and I received a call that he was mine.

Now, I had never intended to adopt him (only if he belonged to Shaman) but I picked Northbrook up from animal control, paid the fees and took him to the vet to make sure he was healthy.  He passed the health exam and his body seemed to be all muscle.  Then I brought him home still uncertain about having a second dog.

Northbrook was wild and needed training but he soon became domesticated with my gentle ways.  In return, he became as devoted to me as Shaman was and was obedient to whatever I asked him.  He loved the outdoors, so he was renamed “Dagan”, which means “outdoor lover”.

Over the coming weeks, I realized that however unexpected meeting both Shaman and Dagan were. And how unpredictable it had been that Dagan even came into my life, except for the three neighbors who knocked on my door, it turned out to be a great blessing.

I learned that it was easier to care for two beagles vs. one.  The two of them together seemed to mind my commands to come in, go outside, come, etc. better than when I only had one beagle.  They provided companionship for each other and both added to mine.

There are many times in life, when something comes to us unbidden, unexpected and we are uncertain whether to accept it or not.  What do you do with the unexpected, do you shut the door, or do you open it wide to welcome the opportunity?

How many unexpected things have you allowed in your life that led you to greater blessings?

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