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Are You Open to the Unexpected?

One week, three different people knocked on my door, concerned that my beagle (Shaman) was loose. Since Shaman was with me, every single person told me that there was a beagle running around the neighborhood that “looked exactly like my dog.” The beagle on the loose had escaped each one’s attempts to catch him and

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Shaman's Healing Enthusiasm

This is my beagle Shaman, which means “healer.” I met him by accident (or coincidence) during a 7-month recovery from tibial tendon surgery. I found him at the county animal control with a cast on his leg, which I was informed was due to a torn tendon. A hunter had abandoned him in the woods.

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Dogs Are Spiritual Beings

Welcome to Sweetheart’s and my new blog site. A great big thank you goes to my awesome, creative virtual assistant, Maria, who single-handedly designed what you find here! The new look coincides with the refined purpose of this blog, which is to draw spiritual lessons from nature and the animal world which we can use

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