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If Your Pets Could Talk, What Would They Say?

Veterinarians hold a special place in my heart. Over the years, all of the animal doctors I’ve visited have been able to figure out why various cats, dogs and ponies were saying without words.

If we humans could become skilled in the same art, think of how our communications could improve with others. Listening more

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Time Management – What Horses Can Teach Us

Every barn has a magical evening time. I love observing and being a part of this enchanting time of day. The equestrian center where my pony Sweetheart boards, is run on a schedule. The schedule is regular but flexible to individual needs and the tempestuous weather. Both the horses and their owners appreciate the exceptional

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Unexpected Pleasure

As many of you know, I’ve been training Sweetheart with healing harp music ever since he came into my life. Sweetheart was only three months old.

When he first heard harp music, he would come and stand very near me and nap. As he got just a little bit older, he would come up and

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